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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do driveways sink?

Driveways sink for a number of reasons. The first being that the area has not been dug out deep enough, sometimes the dolomite may be the incorrect type, the sand may be the incorrect type or too deep, the edges and front not kerbed or have enough concrete to hold everything in place, or finally it has not been whacked enough times or the whacker is too lightweight.

How do I stop weeds growing in my driveway?

If the area is done correctly the weeds don't come from underneath as there is too much aggregates to let water or sunlight through which weeds need to grow. Infact, they are brough by bird droppings or wind and bed in the joints of the dry kiln sand. Weeds shouldn't be seen for the first 3-4 years.

What maintenance does my driveway need?

I usually tell customers to leave it alone for a couple of weeks, no excess water and let the rain clean it. After that it should be fine. After 3 years go out 1 day a year and give it a good wash and brush to clean and replenish the dry kiln sand.

What is the difference laying a driveway on concrete?

Concrete and dolomite should both be laid on a solid surface and if well whacked won't sink. We have laid on dolomite for 16 years and have had no problems so far. If the customer insists on concrete that is no problem at an extra cost.

Do you lower kerbs?

We used to, byt unfortunately due to the change in health and safety we can't now as we do not hold the necessary tickets to do so.

How long is your waiting list?

From May to September our waiting list is anywhere between 4-10 weeks, but October to April as little as 2-8 weeks. There is always a rush when Spring arrives.

How long does it take to lay a driveway?

We are hard working and as punctual as possible, arrive on time and get in and out A.S.A.P. to minimise disruption and nuisance to yourselves and neighbours.

Have you done any jobs locally?

I have undertaken many contracts in the North East and will provide you with a list of drives to view locally with your estimate.

How long before a new driveway can be driven on?

As soon as the concrete sets, 36-72 hours. If no concrete is needed i.e. wall-wall, then immediately.

Is planning permission required?

Planning permission is not usually necessary, as long as the surface water soaks into our own land, i.e. lawn, gravel or goes into your own drains. Neither if your area has been hardscaped previously. If the water is heading for the public drains (adding to flooding problems) then the council may need contacting and the permeable option looked at. Different councils have different options.

Do you guarantee your driveways?

Yes, all our work is guaranteed for 10 years against spreading or sinking.

Is drainage required on a new driveway?

Each contract offers a different set of needs, with some needing aico grid drainage to take the water into existing drains.

Is a deposit required?

No, every contract is only to be paid after completion when full customer satisfaction is achieved.

Will the weather affect you working?

We work all year around and the British weather can make it very testing. Heavy rain, snow and severe frosts can cuse a halt to work.

Which blocks are most suitable for my driveway?

If dolomite and edges are installed correctly, all blocks should be as good as each other, it is all about the subbase opposed to the materials that are laid.

Do you seal driveways?

We will seal drives, but with no guarantee on the sealant. There are many suppliers and products on the market and some need 2 coats, some make it slippy, some a gloss effect and others may wash off. Until now, we have found the Thompsons one coat to be the best available.

What is a permeable driveway?

This is where the blocks have a wider spacer to allow the water through which stops it going over the top, but down the gays and soak away underneath. We have to use type 3 dolomite opposed to type 1, 5-10mm gravel opposed to sharp sand and 2-5mm gravel opposed to dry kiln sand.

What our customers say

Many thanks for all of your efforts and for your courteous and prompt service. We are delighted with the driveway and you can be sure that we will recommend you to anyone who asks (indeed I have already done so!).
Mr Maddy, Prudhoe
I am writing to thank you for the marvellous job you did for my on my back garden. We are extremely pleased with it and were impressed by all your hard work.

I have recommended you to several of my friends who have asked me who did the work.
B. Woodfin, Consett
I am writing to thank you and your team for the excellent standard of workmanship in the patio and block paved front drive at the above address. Both my husband and myself are wholly thrilled with the results, and most impressed that the work was completed to such a high standard in only 10 working days.

We would not hesitate to recommend 'M.B. Driveways' to potential customers and would be happy to show them the high quality work that your company has undertaken at our home.
Mr Penny, Blaydon
What a difference to our drive! The team worked really hard from start to finish. And thank you to Mark for the advice about the step. We trusted your judgement and are really pleased with the outcome. Thank you so much for a job well done.
Just to say a big thank you to you & the lads for a fantastic job laying a new driveway.

It is exactly how I wanted it, nothing was too much trouble and I can't believe how quick it was laid down! It has made a huge difference to the front of my house. I will highly recommend you to anyone.
Mrs Dixon, Prudhoe
I wish to express my thanks to you and your crew on a job well done. My driveway looks fantastic and is perfect right down to the smallest detail. I am so happy with it.

Please pass on my regards and comments to your team. Thanks guys, a beautiful job.
Mrs Dugdill, Chester-Le-Street